All Car Seats have been designed, tested and certified according to the requirements of the European Standard for Child Safety Equipment (ECE R 44/04) to ensure that your child will be safe when traveling in them.

Your child should feel comfortable in the car seat and here are a few things to note to ensure their safety:

  • Do practice fitting the car seat before securing your child in it
  • Read the car seat instruction manual before you use your seat. Keep it for future reference.
  • Whether you use ISOFIX or 3-point seat belt to secure the car seat, it should rest nicely on the main seat, with little or no movement. Push your weight onto fixed child seats as you tighten the seat belt to make sure there is no slack and the seat is securely held.
  • Check that you are unable to get more than two fingers between the harness straps and your child’s chest. It should be tight enough, but still comfortable. The harness buckle should lie on your child’s pelvis, not tummy.
  • Never place a rear-facing car seat on a passenger seat equipped with a front air bag
  • Regularly check fixed car seats to ensure that they haven’t worked loose. Pull on the harness of the seat to test thoroughly.
  • Never modify a child seat – its fitting, the harness, or buckle to make it fit your car.
  • Beware of second-hand car seats – as you do not know the history of the seat and it may not meet current standards. Never use a seat that has been involved in a crash, no matter how minor.


When traveling with your child,

  • Try to keep journeys short for the first 3 months – it’s good for your baby to lie flat for most of the day.
  • Use a car seat for all journeys, however short. Even if you don’t own a car you’ll still need a car seat for when you get a lift from friends or take a cab.
  • If you have to use the front seat with an older child, (who is in a forward-facing seat) push the passenger seat as far back as possible from the dashboard.
  • Watch out for unsecured objects in the car that could be dangerous – in an accident, a tissue box flying off the back shelf has the impact of a house brick.
  • Never leave your child alone, unattended in the car.