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Snapkis Official

2-in-1 Bottle Teat Brush

2-in-1 Bottle Teat Brush

  • SNAPKIS 2-in-1 Bottle & Teat Brush effectively and thoroughly cleans corners and gaps without surface damage.
  • Comes with a teat brush that conveniently stores in the handle.
  • The non-slip easy grip handle prevents slipping while cleaning.

Features & benefits

- Integrated teat brush
- High bristle density for effective cleaning
- Suitable for most bottles
- Soft nylon bristles
- Teat brush conveniently stores in ventilated handle


- Wash, squeeze or shake out excess water.
- Air dry after every use.
- Keep in a dry place to help reduce mould growth.
- Replace brushes once mould is observed.


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