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Baby Wooden Hair Brush

Baby Wooden Hair Brush

  • Snapkis Baby Wooden Hair Brush is specially designed to care for baby’s hair.
  • Brushing stimulates your baby’s hair follicles and increases blood flow to the scalp, which encourages healthy hair growth.
  • The brush’s soft bristles are bound together for optimum pressure to gently massage your baby’s sensitive scalp.

Features & benefits

- Made of natural grasstree wood & soft goat hair bristles
- Super soft bristles, gentle on baby's sensitive scalp
- 100% handmade
- Renewable resources


- Regularly remove loose hair and debris by running a comb through the brush with bristles facing down.
- Swirl the bristles in slightly soapy water.
- Do not soak.
- Shake out excess water.
- Surface clean brush handle with mild soap and water.
- Air dry.


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