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Bambù Collezione

Bambù Collezione

  • Snapkis Bambù Collezione is made from 100% bamboo fibre.
  • Our fibre is a premium quality twill weave that reduces shrinkage and pilling.
  • The tight weaving in our product is what brings you ultimate softness and superb durability.
  • Pure bamboo fibre bedding is an exceptional choice when compared against regular cotton, wool or synthetic fabrics.
  • It thermoregulates naturally, and possesses excellent wicking and breathability for a cooler rest in warmer climates.
  • Our bamboo bedding is a natural solution for the sensitive and delicate skin of your baby.
  • The silky and luxurious touch of the bedding is reminiscent of newborn skin and will envelop your child in truly unparalleled comfort.
  • The natural sheen of our bamboo fibre, in tandem with a perfect cut, creates the most inviting look of freshly-made soft bedding.

Features & benefits

- Made with 100% pure bamboo fibre
- Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
- Velvety soft and yet highly breathable
- Naturally thermoregulating
- Excellent wicking properties
- Premium weave reduces piling and shrinkages
- Free from azo dyes
- Free from formaldehyde


- Machine washable


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